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        So what are you waiting for? 

Learn to dance now and see why dancing is great for the mind, body, and soul!
                    Why Learn to dance?
*Learn to dance for your wedding! First Dance 
*Maybe you're going on a cruise or have a special event.
*Exercise, dancing is great cardio!!!
*Knowing how to dance well boosts confidence! Tired of going to the club glued to the bar or wall wishing you can go out there and freestyle? *Are you told you are a stiff dancer? You're cured! *Two-Left Feet? No Problem!!! 
*Can't hear the beat? I'll teach you!!!
*Private lessons are the fastest way to learn to dance well and with proper technique. I specialize in teaching private lessons and can teach anyone to learn to dance. 

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Don't put it off any longerlearn to dance today!
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