why private lessons?

Private lessons are the best way to learn to dance quickly or to enhance your dance training. With private lessons you learn to dance much quicker than you would in a group dance class. The number 1 benefit with taking a private dance lesson is that the lesson is tailored to your specific dance needs. Many of my students tell me that they like the way I teach because I explain the material at a speed in which they feel comfortable and are not overwhelmed. I am also told from many of my students that I am a very patient dance instructor which is especially important in your earlier stages of learning to dance.


Proper technique is important. I emphasize on proper dance technique, style, rhythm, musicality, balance, flexibility, and how to look and feel natural in all styles. You will start to feel confident once you feel comfortable with what you are learning and how your body moves and putting it to use both on and off the dance floor!


As I had mentioned earlier people take dance lessons for several reasons. Some people want to learn to dance better with their partner or another person. For this I recommend taking ballroom dance lessons. Ballroom dance consists of dances such as Salsa, Swing, Tango, Waltz, etc. 


Others might want to learn to dance so they can look better on the dance floor at a bar or nightclub. In this type of setting you may or may not be dancing with a partner, you might just be dancing by yourself or in a cluster of people typically known as Freestyle dancing. Freestyle dancing is very common at almost any club so I get a lot of requests from people saying, "I want to dance better when I go out to a club and not look so stiff when I'm dancing." For this I start off by teaching a few basic hip-hop steps then coordinating these steps to club music which is typically a faster tempo. It's a process where you will learn to build from easy steps that are easy to remember and start to build patterns on these basic dance steps. I also teach certain club style and freestyle dance steps "House" specifically for dancing in a club to EDM (Electronic Dance Music).


The best part about taking dance lessons from me is that there are no distractions such as others talking and dancing in the same space as you during your lesson. You will also be able to dance to the music of your choice, whereas in other dance studios you often have to share the music with others who have their lesson booked at the same time as you. This can be annoying and a complete waste of your time and money!

Top Notch Training


Daryl comes from a dance background technically trained in Ballet, Modern/Contemporary, Jazz, Hip-Hop as well as Ballroom and Latin Dance. So taking lessons with Daryl you get a well rounded training and understanding of proper technique that is important in all aspects of dance. 


When it comes to patience Daryl has a lot of patience and is good at explaining steps and concepts in a way that is easy to understand and remember.



Compared to other dance studios and instructors in the area, taking lessons with Daryl is much more affordable




If you book a lesson with Daryl at any of his dance studio locations you can have the dance floor and music to yourself without others distracting you. Many other studios often book other lessons at the same time as your lesson in the same room which is very distracting and can be a huge waste of your time and money!







Private Group Lessons

This has become very popular recently! A private group lesson is good for

those who want private lesson training with either friends and/or family for

 a specific event such as a Wedding, Quinceanera,

Bar/Bat Mitzvah, party, work event, getting ready to go on a cruise, OR JUST FOR FUN WITH YOUR FRIENDS!


A private group class might also be wanted by those who want to have 

their own private dance class without the hassle of dancing in a large

group class. This is also a much more affordable way to take private lessons 

if you know of others that are interested and you would like to put together 

your own group class.

$30 Per Person 3-6 People 

$25 Per Person 7-10 People

$20 Per Person 11-14 People 

$15 Per Person 15 or more People

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